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Pervivència. 04/02/2022 Elena Sánchez - Curator and founder of Kunstank
Combustion - Installation - Variable sizes


Nature is once again a source of inspiration for artist Joan Xandri in ‘Pervivència’, the exhibition he inaugurated at the Taranmana gallery in Escaldes and that can be visited throughout the month of February. 

However, the observer will be surprised by the way in which the artist presents this nature.The pigments seem to spring out from the canvas, and mutate - as if an art born out from the bowels of the earth- to transmute and materialize into subtle ink. 

Black on white, pure and naked poetry, as only the warmth of this Chinese treasure can offer.

The process of transmutation is visible from a strategic starting point, as it places the viewer before a burning forest, an installation that drops from the ceiling in red-tinted rice paper.

Nature survives in the undergrowth, represented by a 5 meter free canvas, as if a carpet, and plays a leading role withholding a rainfall  of abstractions.

In the center of the space, works are suspended from the ceiling, or hanging on the wall, and each work finds its place in this microcosm that surrounds the viewer's gaze. A pictorial approach to Tao, to the pathway, executed by mastering the ink that can become uncontrollable - a demanding process.

Xandri also shares and experiences another way of following this personal pathway, in which he captures the present moment through the haiku, a literary genre included in the exhibition - a pictorial synthesis and concretion that he fully identifies with - with a composition that illustrates and pays homage to Bartras’ Haikus of Arinsal.



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