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Eva Ariza - França 1973

30 May - 31 July 2021 - Arts & Crafts - Group exhibition
"Pièce unique." A collector's piece - 2012 - Animated ceramic sculpture - Eve Ariza

Pièce unique. A collector's piece. 

This small sculpture - an animated art book - made out of ceramic and beechwood- forms part of the Blah (BLA) concept, the leitmotiv of Eve Ariza's research. 
Bla refers to the (in)communication and (im) possibilities of dialog in between beings of our species. 

The artist sees a society gangrened by the system and a way of defining where the material status, ideology and thought reside. 

She mocks the Modern Oratory, not only political , but also popular, and at the same time denounces the hypocrisy and weakness of a system that prefers the emergence, now more prevalent, of certain discourses over ethic-based sincerity.

BLawling, 2012
Animated ceramic sculpture, beechwood and hinges
White refractory clay with colored engobe, baked in 1150 degree C
Height 19,5 cm x width 8,5 cm
Book closed 9 cm/ open 77 cm or variable. 
Each one of the 9 ceramic pieces can turn on itself thanks to its hinge.


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