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Eva Ariza - França 1973

February 10 - March 3 - 2021 - "Grills" Solo exhibition - Eve Ariza -


Taranmana Gallery.

Tubers have always been planted in the lands of Andorra and everywhere else, and this work deals with the potato as an archetype.

Sprouts are born from the eyes of the tubers, expansive as consciousness.

they know They know she knows

The sprout  embodies wisdom. She was wise.

From the roots of the tuber, from the sprouts, from their gaze: ours.

Tuber research: Tubers are born and die on Mars.

The tubers are expansive, infinite; they have the ability to crackle and crackle and not depend on seed to continue the cycle of life, to germinate and graft now here and now there and everywhere to spread.

Of the trick as a metaphor and reflection of the I 

Of the trick as food for thought.

From the act of turning sprouts as a cultivation of consciousness

Of the trump card as a seed of abundance

From the trump card as a Rizoma model

 "Make a rhizome and not a root!" Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

The rhizome (from the ancient Greek: rhízoma, "mass of roots", from the verb rhizóo to take root)

The term has been used as a metaphor in philosophy to explain the development of a society in the form of a network, without hierarchies or defined centers, especially in the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

From the EARTH

Of the Multiplicities

Of the trump as a treasure.

TrumpOr. Or, we are a threeOr  

Trumfor* aims to neutralize the BLA (blah blah blah)



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