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Taranman Art Gallery - 1972-1982 - Christopher Hewett at Taranman, Londres 1974Archives

In 1974 after various long stays in the Sahara desert, Christopher Hewett inaugurates Taranman Gallery on Brompton Road,  Knightsbridge, mainly to exhibit and sell some of the beautiful tuareg and berber pottery, rugs and ceramics he had collected in North Africa. 

Soon after the opening of Taranman Drawings, Etchings and Fine Books, Christopher Hewett exhibits mid-century British, French and American artists.

In parallel he goes into editing fine books and creates exceptional catalogues for the exhibiting artists.

Nicolas Barker, the British historian in the world of printing and books, compares these catalogues to the ones produced by the famous private press Officina Bodoni, Verona 1922- 1977, well known for editing books of maximum quality and craftsmanship.


Taranman edited 29 exhibition catalogues, and the following five publications:

Strachan, Walter -  Poems 1976. Segalen, Victor -  Chine ou Le Pouvoir dans l'Etendue 1978.  McEwen, Rory and Koch, Kenneth -  From the Air 1979. Lecuire, Pierre - Textes 1980. De Staël, Nicolas -  Lettres a Jacques Dubourg 1981. The Living Curve. Letters to W.J -  Strachan, 1929 - 1979.

There were no catalogues for the following main exhibitions: Nicol Allan (1979), Paul Caffel (1983), Sir Hugh Casson (1983), Geoffrey Clarke (1982), Bryan Kneale (1981), Barry Martin (1978), Bernard Meadows (1979, 1980, 1983), William Morris "Cupid and the Psyche" wood-cuts (1979).

Exhibitions were held to mark the following:

Pierre Lecuire - Sonnets Funebres. Engravings by Fermin Aguayo. 1975. Exhibition 1-30 March 1976.

Pierre Lecuire - Cortege. Illustrated by André Lanskoy (1959). Exhibition 16 September -14 October 1977.

Victor Segalen - Chine ou Le Pouvoir dans l'Etandue. Exhibition 30 October- 18 November 1978.

Pierre Lecuire - Textes with cover portrait of Pierre Lecuire by Vera Pagava. Exhibition 14 April - 28 April 1980. 


The following artists were included in the exhibition Le Livre des Livres (Catalogue n.5): Fermin Aguayo, Geneviève Asse, César, Serge Charchoune, Claude Garache, Charles Marq, Etienne Martin, Jean Messagier, Henry Moore, Vera Pagava, Hercules Seghers, Vieira da Silva, Brigitte Simon, Arpad Szénés, Pierre Tal Coat, Raoul Ubac.


Mixed exhibitions were held during March 1976, October 1978, and December 1981/January 1982. Artists, other than above, who were shown in mixed exhibitions: Elisabeth Butler, Reg Butler, Lynn Chadwick, Prunella Clough, Colin Crumplin, Graham Ibbeson, Abram Krol, André Lanskoy, Ezra Orion, Nicola Pope.