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13 November 2023 - 31 October 2024 "encara els llibres" Agusti Puig - Paintings - Solo exhibition
“Inici de concert” 160 x 122 painting mixed media - Bronze “Man finding his way “ 84 x 8 7 x 28


What does do you want to express with the works 'Still the books'?

They represent figures who are reading in a suggestive, simple and elegant way. It is not explicit, I hint so that people end up defining their vision of the painting. Human beings and books center the work.

What does the show include?

There are nine paintings, two sculptures and a ceramic. When I enter a museum or a house where there are works of art I perceive warmth, empty spaces denote coldness.

Why did you choose earthy colors, white and black?

Violet and blue tire me, warm, earthy colors attract me, white and black I find very elegant.

What technique do you use in these works?

Well, the one I have developed over the years, the acrylic, which is manufactured especially for me. I make the paint as I want better, thicker or liquid as it suits me.

How is the exhibition going in Andorra?

It had been 22 years since I exhibited in the Principality of Andorra, the gallerist tells me that there is a lot of interest in the paintings and that she is very happy. It is very difficult to sell works here in Europe anyway, 90% of the works are sold in the United States and China.

Do you maintain the style throughout the works or do you  change it?

I change things over time, I try to look for beauty and truth. If you work hard, your personality eventually comes out. I have gone through more figurative periods, others more abstract and now I am looking for a more expressionistic style, which has restraint, strength, elegance, simplicity, etc.

What do you think is essential when composing the works?

Let them be sincere, humble and deep down daring. It is important not to be afraid, because sometimes when you are in front of a flat canvas it can happens. If you are afraid, you have already failed, fear stops you, it must be a fight without regard.

How do you choose the elements that appear in the paintings?

What comes to my mind and I like, but it always revolves around the human being, when there are characters the works gain strength, this is what I noticed when I was making posters.

At the moment, where have you exhibited the works from 'Encara les livres'?

In Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona), in the United States, in China and Andorra.

Upcoming projects in mind?

The next project would be to do an exhibition in a gallery in New York, prepare new plans because new things are always coming out.


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