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"Notes on the anthropocene" - Exhibition curated by the writer, professor and researcher Jean McNeil - University of East Anglia, England.-Diari d'Andorra 21/06/2023
Exhibition Art Center of the Government of Andorra in Andorra la Vella

Diari d'Andorra - 21/06/2023

The human imprint on the natural environment is the focus of the exhibition.

The exhibition Notes on the Anthropocene opened yesterday in the Government Exhibition Hall, in the capital's Central Park. An exhibition that brings together the work of seven Andorran and international artists, who explore the complexities of the transformation of people's relationship with nature. The idea of ??the Anthropocene suggests that we are living in a new era shaped by the impact of humans on the Earth.

The exhibition, a collaboration between the Government and the Pigment gallery, presents a wide selection of contemporary works by Jordi Casamajor, Diego Ferrari, Rosa Galindo, Rubén Martín de Lucas, Mario Pasqualotto, Emma Regada and Manu VB Tintoré. Using painting, sculpture, installation, performance, photography and video, the seven artists invite the public on a visual journey around the world and challenge the viewer to reflect on the eminently ephemeral quality of naturethe human impact on ecosystems and their role in a changing planet.

During the inauguration, the Minister of Culture, Mònica Bonell, emphasized "the importance of the presence of the Andorran artists selected by the curator. The plastic and performance works of Casamajor and Regada, imbued with local sensibility, invite us to appreciate the natural beauty of Andorra and to remember the important role of our community in the preservation of the vast and valuable natural heritage with which, fortunately, we count in our country". In addition, Bonell highlighted the fact that the exhibition included the poems of Arnau Orobitg, a great connoisseur and passionate about the indigenous rural world. "The exhibition takes on even more value, expanding through other disciplines and also collecting the valuable local literary testimony." The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 1.30 pm and from 3.30 pm to 8 pm.

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